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لاعب واحد, محاكاة, شراء تحديث المعدات, شارع, مهارات استخدام الفأرة, طعام, Timing, طهي, إدارة, مجاني, تجارة, مطعم, يونيتي 3d, ويب جي إل, توصيل | تاريخ الإضافة 17 Dec 2022
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Are you ready to enjoy the game Where's My Pizza? Step into the shoes of the famous Italian chef Paolo as you help him cook and home-deliver the most delicious pizzas directly to his customers in record time. The journey won't always be easy! Try not to lose any pizza boxes along the way because of a bad control of your bike and make a safe delivery to receive generous tips. Save as much as you can and invest your profits in buying new ingredients and new, much bigger wood-fired ovens, plus larger trailers to transport a bigger load. Grow your business and have fun playing this game here at Y8.com!


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Where's My Pizza? - Management & Simulation - POG.COM
Where's My Pizza?
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