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لغز, أركاد, لاعب واحد, فلاش, مغامرة, سلسلة, قديم, مجاني, بيكسل | (16.7 MB) تاريخ الإضافة 06 Aug 2019
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Episode 1 of the Grand Grimoire Chronicles sees you visiting the south coast of England, investigating the mystery surrounding the death of a young boy called Henry Weaver. The boy was well known and had no enemies. He'd gone out birdwatching but didn't return home. His body was found by passerby; he'd been bludgeoned to death just a short distance from his home.
As a reporter, you travel to Henry's hometown to investigate his mysterious demise, hoping to find out what happened to the boy and bring the perpetrator to justice.
Expect horror, intrigue, mystery, puzzle-solving, secrets and interesting locations, as you travel around trying to piece it all together. Search for clues, collect items, and solve puzzles to aid your investigation.


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The Grand Grimoire Chronicles Episode 1
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