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لغز, لاعب واحد, مطابقة, أندرويد, إتش تي إم إل 5, مجاني, موبايل, آيفون, آيباد, شاشة اللمس, توصيل | تاريخ الإضافة 14 Jan 2022
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Macarons is a free puzzle game. We all love a sweet treat now and then, perhaps even more often than we'd like to admit. Macarons is a fast and furious puzzle game that forces you to connect the dots and find the path from one macron to another. If you like candy, sweets, and treats of all kinds then surely this is a game that will speak to you. Macarons is a game about connecting like-colored macarons to other like-colored macarons without crossing the streams or leaving any part of the path unfound. If you love games, you love treats, and you love life then this is the sweet-tasting, brain-teasing game for you. Each level is progressively more difficult as you unlock more macarons and more complex pathways. We feel you'll be able to make it tothe end but it won't be easy. It will however be fun, a lot of fun. Almost as fun as eating actual macarons which are the Cadilac of French Pastries. Join us for an addicting sweet treat that is as puzzling as it is tasy.


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