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  • Drive
    Attach the winch
    Pull the car
    Free the cable

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Forget about driving on smooth tarmac, take 5 different upgradable trucks off-road and experience some truly challenging terrain in Extreme Offroad Cars! Work your way through different levels and collect as many gold coins as possible - you can use these coins to purchase different upgrades to improve your performance. Upgrades include improved wheels, a rollcage and even a snorkel for underwater driving!
The levels start off fairly straightforward, but as you progress they become difficult and the obstacles become harder to navigate. You must try and use a combination of speed and agility to beat the clock but to avoid getting stuck. As you reach each checkpoint your progress is saved so watch out for those blue spotlights! How will your off-road driving skills rank? Will you master each track and become an off-road champ?


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Extreme Offroad Cars
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