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Bike Riders 3: Road Rage is a combination of the first 2 games of Bike Riders, getting the element of driving through traffic in Bike Riders 1 and the brutal action fights in Bike Riders 2. With new bikes to unlock and to make it more interesting, this game includes police bikes too! You can play in single player mode or in multiplayer. In single player, you are going to finish 10 different missions in which you can be one of the goons or be the policeman who’s chasing them. Every mission complete will let you unlock one of the awesome bikes in store for you! The missions get harder and harder as you progress. There are power ups along the road that will help you in taking the lead. You can also play this game with your friends or against other players of this game in multiplayer mode. Choose between the bad guy or the good guy and drive whichever bike you like. Beat your opponent with a club and make sure they’ll never get you. This game is not just about racing but also about survival! Finish the race and unlock all the achievements. Earn a lot of scores and be part of the list of the Pros in the leaderboard!

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Bike Riders 3: Road Rage
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